Academic career paths – Kiel University's self-image

Kiel University includes all academics with doctoral degrees in the group "young post-doctoral academics" – "postdocs" for short – involved in advanced training and advancing independent research at the university. This group also includes junior professors. Kiel University is aware that many postdocs work on the basis of temporary employment contracts in successive projects funded by third parties.

Kiel University's education principles explicitly apply not only to students and doctoral candidates but also to young post-doctoral scientists. Kiel University sees itself as a university that offers postdocs the opportunity to prepare themselves for various career paths, that is both university-based careers, especially those leading to professorships, as well as to employment outside academia. This period of your research career is associated with high risk, but it should also open up a great many opportunities as well.

For this reason Kiel University is committed to offering postdocs appropriate frameworks and qualification opportunities, including those persons in preparation for employment outside academia in industry and society. Kiel University also strives to improve career planning for postdocs while in training through professionalization and improving employment contracts.