The Postdoc Center at Kiel University: Objectives and tasks

The Postdoc Center at Kiel University aims at supporting and promoting the individual career development of postdoctoral researchers. In this phase you will further qualify yourself and make important decisions in a professional and often private context. The University of Kiel would like to support you in the best possible way.

The Centre's services are aimed at scientists and scholars directly following their doctorate, but also at experienced doctorates, habilitations and junior research group leaders. If you wish, junior professors can also find a contact point here.

The Postdoc Center offers you:

  •     A central contact point for postdoctoral researchers
  •     Information and individual career advice
  •     Bundling of offers for career advancement


The Postdoc Center is run by Dr. habil. Gesche Braker - contact me at any time by phone or e-mail.


On the following pages you will find further information specifically addressing the postdoctoral phase of your career.