The Postdoc Center at Kiel University: Objectives and tasks

Founding of the Postdoc Center in July 2018, photo Jürgen Haacks, Kiel University.Foundation of the Postdoc Center in July 2018, photo Jürgen Haacks/Kiel University


Welcome to the website of the Postdoc Center of Kiel University!

Please note that due to the current circumstances with regard to the Corona Pandemic the Postdoc Center can be reached only via email to Nevertheless, all services of the Postdoc Center are available to you - please contact us.


Our goal is to support you individually in your career development in the qualification phase after your doctorate. In this phase you will further qualify yourself and make important decisions in a professional and often private context. Here, Kiel University would like to support you in the best possible way.

The Center's services are aimed at you as a researcher directly following your doctorate, but also at experienced postdoctoral researchers if you are for example pursuing a habilitation or holding a junior research group leader position. If you wish, junior professors can also find a contact point here.

The Postdoc Center offers you:

  •     a central contact point for your concerns, questions and suggestions
  •     information and individual career advice
  •     bundling of offers for career advancement


The Postdoc Center is headed by Dr. habil. Gesche Braker - contact me at any time by phone or e-mail.

On the following pages you will find further information specifically addressing the postdoctoral phase of your career.


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