Fonds der Chemischen Industrie im Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. : Liebig Scholarship

Dec 31, 2022

The scholarship is intended to promote the next generation of university teachers in the field of chemistry.


  1. As a rule, German or EU citizenship.

  2. Doctorate must be completed

  3. outstanding academic performance

  4. Change of location and working group after the doctorate (return to the university of the doctorate or to the working group of the supervisor of the dissertation is not possible, even if the latter has changed universities in the meantime).

  5. Carrying out a chemically oriented research work

At the time of application, the doctorate may generally have been completed no more than 3 years previously. In exceptional cases also longer (e.g. parental leave).
Scholarship endowment /conditions:

monthly installments of € 3.400,-- and further allowances outside the scholarship:

  1. € 3.000,-- per year for the acquisition of specialized literature and for the attendance of scientific conferences or advanced training courses,

  2. one-time € 50.000,-- material funds (only for research activities in Germany) + € 15.000,-- per extension year as well as

  3. 1 doctoral fellowship with a duration of two years to finance a research assistant (Attention: here cofunding will be required).

  4. The duration of the fellowship is 3 years. Upon application, an extension for a maximum of 2 years is possible if the doctorate was completed no longer than 6 years ago.

  5. Scholarship holders must be willing to spend at least ¼ of the time of an qualification position (in the original call it says assistant, please clarify!) for teaching purposes.

In exceptional cases, the Liebig Fellowship can be combined with a junior professorship.

Deadline for applications: Applications can be submitted at any time.

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