Further training & personnel development

Department of Continuing Education

Kiel University's Department of Continuing Education offers a training programme specifically tailored to postdocs in the section "University personnel in research and teaching": It is mainly concerned with providing support in the areas of career development, management skills and the further development of the postdocs' own teaching profile. Read more

Personnel development at Kiel University

Employers can express their responsibilites towards their employees by offering personnel development and internal health management in order to create suitable framework conditions for achieving high-quality work and high job satisfaction. Kiel University is accepting this responsibility for its employees. Already existing structures are being supplemented with projects designed to extend competences and strengthen ressources which are influencing the employees' working environment. read more

Graduate Center

Postgraduates who are conducting research at an institution of Kiel University or who received their doctorate from one of the faculties of the university can attend courses and events of the Graduate Center until two years after completing their doctorate. Read more

Joint offers from the Continuing Education Department and the Graduate Center

"Kompetenzen der Promotionsbetreuung - for professionals 2015/2016 (Doctorate supervision skills - for professionals 2015/2016) programme

Each winter semester we - the Graduate Center and the Department for Continuing Education - offer you the opportunity to take part in our programme for supervisors of doctorate, which is designed to support and help you with your work as a supervisor. Read more