Institutions and programs for postdocs at Kiel University

Integrated Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP)

The Integrated Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP) within the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Future Ocean’ is a network of more than 130 scientists after Ph.D. working on non-permanent positions at one of the partner institutions of the Cluster in Kiel, Germany. Read more

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Mentoring programs: via:mento and via:mento_ocean


via:mento is a mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers from all faculties and disciplines of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. It is aiming at researchers who are continuing their academic career after PhD, aiming for a professorship or a permanent senior research scientist position. via:mento is held in German. read more

Mentoring program: BIO-MENTOS

Since April 2012 mentors in biology offer students, doctoral candidates and postdoc personal talks in order to plan their scientific career. read more

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Promotion of women scientists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, female scientists are under-represented at the level of post-docs. It is the faculty’s aim to raise the number of women in post-docs and positions at habilitation level. The DFG (German Research Foundation) has also been informed of this objective. The faculty has established a specific and completive program in order to achieve this aim. read more

Postdoc Center

The Postdoc Center of Kiel University is managed by Ms. Dr. Gesche Braker.