Mailing lists and networking

Mailing lists & networking within Kiel University:

Mailing list "Postdocs" - subscription and use

Postdocs of Kiel University and partner institutions of the university who are continuing their academic career at the university or its partner institutions are welcome to register with the CAU postdoc mailing list.

After your registration you will regularly receive information from the university which are relevant for postdocs.

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Mailing list & information from the Graduate Center

The Graduate Center is the central service unit at Kiel Univerity which supports doctoral researchers from all academic fields at CAU. The Graduate Center is inviting those postdocs who are promoting their further academic career at an insitution of Kiel University or who have completed their doctoral degree at a faculty of CAU to register with the Graduate Center up to two years after completing their doctoral degree.

After registering, postdocs will be included on a mailing list and will regularly receive information that they may find helpful or interesting. Also after registering, they can make use of the services of the Graduate Center in accordance with Para 2 Sentence 3 No. 1 of the Graduate Center Rules.

The use of the Graduate Center's services is only excluded, if all availability has already been taken by doctoral candidates.

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Central learning platform OpenOLAT

 Postdocs will be able to network at Kiel University via OpenOLAT.

OpenOLAT is Kiel University's central online learning platform. It enables users to generate groups in which members can distribute and exchange information. For the time being, a postdoc group can be moderated by an OLAT group leader who is a postdoc him/herself. Please report to the office of the Vice-President Prof. K. Schwarz if you would like to take on this role.

Link to Vice-President's office

Within the group you can post messages that can be read by everyone in the group. For the time being, this will serve as a substitute for a mailing list.

Please contact Mr Marcel Austenfeld ( or Mr Markus Alber ( at eLK Medien to obtain access to OLAT, if you do not already have it.

To the eLK.Medien website

External networking opportunities throughout Germany:


Thesis is an interdisciplinary network for doctoral candidates and postdocs in Germany. It is organised in the form of round tables and a community. The aim of the association is to facilitate a better exchange between young scientists.

Link to the Thesis website

German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

The Deutsche Hochschulverband (German Association of University Professors and Lecturers) represents the professional interests of academics in Germany. It pays special attention to the need of young scientist by offering coachings and legal advice.

Website of the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

Network platform "Bewerbungscafé" for academics seeking employment

The Bewerbungscafé Kiel is a cooperation between the Career Center of Kiel University, the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. and an alumna from Kiel University.

This network platform gives academics seeking employment the opportunity to discuss challenges and questions they have when applying for a job. We discuss questions like:

  • "How is my application received?"
  • "Who knows a good photographer?"
  • "Who made which experience during the job interview?"
  • "How can I sharpen my portfolio?"
  • "What other areas of employment might be worth considering?"

The Bewerbungscafé is complemented by introductory speeches held by experts.

Everyone is very welcome; we meet in LS1-3 on the second Thursday each month (6pm- 9pm). The Bewerbungscafé is held in German; entrance free.

You can get more information at the  XING-Group "Bewerbungscafé Kiel"

Registration: Dr. Sunna Ellendt (E-Mail: