Central learning platform OpenOLAT

 Postdocs will be able to network at Kiel University via OpenOLAT.

OpenOLAT is Kiel University's central online learning platform. It enables users to generate groups in which members can distribute and exchange information. For the time being, a postdoc group can be moderated by an OLAT group leader who is a postdoc him/herself. Please report to the office of the Vice-President Prof. K. Schwarz if you would like to take on this role.

Link to Vice-President's office

Within the group you can post messages that can be read by everyone in the group. For the time being, this will serve as a substitute for a mailing list.

Please contact Mr Marcel Austenfeld ( or Mr Markus Alber ( at eLK Medien to obtain access to OLAT, if you do not already have it.

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