Postdoc representatives

Teaching and research at Kiel University is to a large part based on the work of postdoctoral researchers employed on fixed-term contracts. Due to funding of large scale collaborative research projects (Clusters of Excellence, Collaborative Research Centers, etc.) and changes in the organizational structures of universities the number of postdocs with fixed-term contracts increased. In contrast, the career opportunities at the university (professorships, staff positions) were not expanded accordingly. Although the group of postdoctoral researchers is very heterogeneous, there are common core interests. In order to identify them and group-specific needs, a representation of the postdocs' interests at Kiel University was founded in 2017 and legitimized by election after a plenary meeting. The Postdoc Representation interacts closely with the Postdoc Center, which was established in the summer of 2018 as a central structure within the university.

The postdoc representatives are: