Women Scientists Network

The Women Scientists Network was founded in 2001 by the physician Dr. Claudia Röhl with the support of the equal opportunity commissioner of  Kiel University (CAU), Dr. Lesley Drewing. In 2013 Prof. Dr. Kathrin Kirsch and PD Dr. Daniela Renger took over organisation and management. Since 2020 the network has been coordinated by Dr. Evgenia Bystrov and PD Dr. Daniela Renger.

The network is aimed at all female researchers at CAU holding a doctorate (excluding W2/W3 professors). The network's mailing list currently targets about 650 women scientists. The network meets 3-4 times a year, each time with a different female scientist who then introduces herself, her institute and her work in detail.

Main aspects of the Women Scientists Network are to exchange information, to extend inter- and transdisciplinary experience, to network, to cooperate, to offer further education on various issues (e.g. application training for appointment procedures), to reflect on and discuss the topic "women in science", as well as higher education policies (e.g. committee work, setting up a separate electoral list).

Women scientists who are interested in joining the network are always welcome! You can obtain information and register by contacting PD Dr. Daniela Renger ( and Dr. Evgenia Bystrov (

Women Scientists Network

Interdisciplinary Postdoc Colloquium

The interdisciplinary postdoctoral colloquium at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is a forum for the professional and collegial exchange of academics from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and related subjects in the qualification phase after the doctorate. It serves as a platform for the presentation of current research projects and endeavors and the discussion of theoretical, methodological and content-related themes.

The colloquium is open to all disciplines and interested people who want to join are welcome and can contact Dr. Geneviève Susemihl for further information.

Interdisziplinäres Postdoktorand*innen Kolloquium