Individual coaching

You have the opportunity to take advantage of individual coaching. You will be personally supported and advised by an experienced external coach who is familiar with the university system. The process will be structured, result-oriented, methodically guided and is always tailored to your personal questions and goals.

Examples of topics that might be relevant for coaching:

  •     Getting prepared for professional development
  •     Leadership tasks, possibilities of delegation
  •     Development of an individual curriculum
  •     Coping with and coordinating the various fields of activity (research, teaching, committee work ...)
  •     Communication tailored to the addressees (with students, with university staff ...)

Through individual coaching, you have the opportunity to optimize your chances even more consciously and to open up new options for action.

All coaching measures as well as the individual consulting offers are, of course, subject to confidentiality.

Individual coaching


Peer Coaching

n addition to individual coaching, the Center for Continuing Professional Development offers the opportunity to participate in a peer coaching for postdocs in summer 2019. Peer coaching describes a process by which a group of people who, for example, are in the same professional situation or are striving for similar professional goals, has the opportunity to receive support for their concerns in a protected circle.

Within the framework of the Peer Coaching for Postdocs event, peer coaching is introduced by a workshop on career planning and the basics of peer coaching. If the decision to participate in the Peer Coaching Program is made afterwards, work will continue in small groups over a period of six months.

Peer Coaching for Postdocs