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Kiel University's Department of Continuing Education offers a training programme specifically tailored to postdocs in the section "University personnel in research and teaching": It is mainly concerned with providing support in the areas of career development, management skills and the further development of the postdocs' own teaching profile. Read more

You will find a varying selection of training, seminars and workshops on our website:

To the training programme for postdocs on the website of the Department of Continuing Education

Career Peer Coaching service

In addition our established Career Peer Coaching service offers you a professional "coaching on an equal footing", that is a constructive and guided exchange with other postdocs. You can provide mutual support to each other in reflecting on your own academic profile, in considering various career paths and in working out your next steps and career planning objectives. The big advantage here is the specialist feedback you receive from other academics who are familiar with the big challenges specific to the postdoc phase.

Individual one-to-one coaching

You also have the opportunity to make use of individual one-to-one coaching. This involves receiving personal support and advice from an experienced external coach who is familiar with the university system. The process is structured, result-oriented, uses tested coaching methods and is always tailored to your personal questions and objectives.

Topics that could be relevant for coaching include:

  • Preparing for further professional development
  • Management and/or leaderships tasks, opportunities for delegation
  • Developing an individual teaching plan
  • Managing and coordinating various areas of work (research, teaching, committee work …)
  • Communicating in a way that is suited to the target audience (students, university personnel …)

Through individual coaching you have the opportunity to improve your chances with even greater awareness and to open up new areas of action.

Like our individual consulting services, all coaching sessions are, of course, strictly confidential.

Certified programmes

We also offer various certified programmes for further professional development in the areas of university didactics, management skills and intercultural skills.

More information on our certified programmes can be found on the website of the Department of Continuing Education

Personal consulting services

There are also personal consulting services available to you in the following areas, which document your development of skills and support you in applications and recruiting procedures:

  • Teaching portfolio: Documenting your development of teaching skills.
  • Teaching evaluation: Receiving solid feedback on your teaching.

Application documents check: Preparing for further professional development.


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