Postdocs with disabilities/chronic illnesses

Kiel University's Representative Body for the Disabled is the contact for the following issues:

  • Filling in applications (declaratory application and equal opportunities application)
  • Information on laws, regulations and operating agreements
  • Assistance with the development of operating agreements relevant to disabled people
  • Promotion of workplaces suitable for disabled people to ensure the best possible working conditions
  • Support regarding issues related to occupational safety, accident prevention as well as healthcare provision and preventive care (in conjunction with the Kiel University's Staff Council, Staff Council (Academic), Occupational Health and Safety Servide and Psychosocial Service/ Addiction Counselling Service)
  • Consulting for employees in cases of workplace disputes concerning disability issues
  • Information on external assistance (e.g. Integrationsamt (local integration agency), Fachdienst Arbeit (specialist employment service), Agentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency))
  • Assistance with relocations within Kiel University
  • Participation in job interviews involving severely disabled people

The Representative Body for the Disabled offers you advice and practical support in all matters and looks after your interests. This is often done in close cooperation with personnel representatives (Staff Councils or the Psychosocial Service).

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