Research Funding

Research funding at Kiel University offers services and consulting on matters relating to applications, contract management and the management of third-party funds. The National Research Funding team and the staff at the EU Office are there to support you during all stages of your research projects.

Services and consulting provided by the research funding divisions of Kiel University

  • Information on funding formats and funding programmes
  • Checking of eligibility to apply and budget calculation
  • Contract management for cooperative projects
  • Consulting about financial processing
  • Checking and submission of certificates of  spending and of financial reports
  • Supervision of internal research funding


Website of the units for research funding

Internal research funding at Kiel University

Kiel University supports its scientists financially during the acquisition of third-party research funding. The range of support consists of start-up funding for large-scale projects, financial incentives for the support of young scientists as well as seed money for cooperations with the University of Aarhus and the Sydansk Universiteit.

Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (ZfE, Centre for Entrepreneurship)

The Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (ZfE, Centre for Entrepreneurship) of Kiel University is the central place to got for all persons interested in selp-employment or in founding a company.

The ZfE unites all activities and expertise concerning entrepreneurship in research, teaching and start-up support at Kiel University.

Website of the Zentrum für Entrepreneurship

Information services and research opportunities

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)

The German Research Foundation is the most important organisation for the support of research at universities and publicly-funded research institutes in Germany. Its website offers many tips concerning funding programmes for young scientists.

Website of the German Research Foundation

Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen

The major German research funding organisations have created a common service platform that offers information and consulting on research abroad as well as regular lectures and events on research in the European Union.

Website of the Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen

National contacts for the EU framework programme

Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (Trade Union for Education and Research)

  • Information about postdocs and research
  • Overview on jobs and funding programmes

Website of the Trade Union for Education and Research

Data Base Elfi

The data base Elfi offers an summary of national and international research funding opportunities. It covers all subject and offers a choice of search criteria. You have to register in order to use it.

Data Base Elfi

This is a free online search site offering information about more than 10,000 foundations with their own URL who are active in Germany.

Index of German foundations

Research websites

Search sites for project funding

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