Institutions and programs for postdocs at Kiel University

Integrated Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP)

The Integrated Marine Postdoc Network (IMAP) within the Cluster of Excellence ‘The Future Ocean’ is a network of more than 130 scientists after Ph.D. working on non-permanent positions at one of the partner institutions of the Cluster in Kiel, Germany. Read more

Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes (GSHDL)

To gain an understanding of human development, one needs to detail the interactions between mankind and both its physical and perceived environment. Graduate training and research already emphasizes interdisciplinary research involving both Arts and Humanities and Natural Sciences on this topic at Kiel University (CAU). read more

Mentoring programs: via:mento and via:mento_ocean


via:mento is a mentoring programme for female postdoctoral researchers from all faculties and disciplines of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. It is aiming at researchers who are continuing their academic career after PhD, aiming for a professorship or a permanent senior research scientist position. via:mento is held in German. read more

Mentoring program: BIO-MENTOS

Since April 2012 mentors in biology offer students, doctoral candidates and postdoc personal talks in order to plan their scientific career. read more

Mentoring program: I@I Mentoring

I@I-Mentoring is the internal mentoring program of the cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces" for all full and associated members of the Cluster's postdocs and doctoral candidates. Members who wish to continue their academic career after the doctorate, aiming for a professorship or a permanent senior research scientist position, can take part in the program. read more

Promotion of women scientists at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, female scientists are under-represented at the level of post-docs. It is the faculty’s aim to raise the number of women in post-docs and positions at habilitation level. The DFG (German Research Foundation) has also been informed of this objective. The faculty has established a specific and completive program in order to achieve this aim. read more

Postdoc Center

The Postdoc Center of Kiel University is managed by Ms. Dr. Gesche Braker.