Network platform "Bewerbungscafé" for academics seeking employment

The Bewerbungscafé Kiel is a cooperation between the Career Center of Kiel University, the Wissenschaftsladen Bonn e.V. and an alumna from Kiel University.

This network platform gives academics seeking employment the opportunity to discuss challenges and questions they have when applying for a job. We discuss questions like:

  • "How is my application received?"
  • "Who knows a good photographer?"
  • "Who made which experience during the job interview?"
  • "How can I sharpen my portfolio?"
  • "What other areas of employment might be worth considering?"

The Bewerbungscafé is complemented by introductory speeches held by experts.

Everyone is very welcome; we meet in LS1-3 on the second Thursday each month (6pm- 9pm). The Bewerbungscafé is held in German; entrance free.

You can get more information at the  XING-Group "Bewerbungscafé Kiel"

Registration: Dr. Sunna Ellendt (E-Mail: