Welcome to Kiel

The most significant natural feature of Kiel is „die Förde“, the fyord. Kiel is located directly on the Baltic Sea, and the fyord divides the city into the colloquial “west shore” and “east shore”. If you drive north along the west shore, you will reach the Kiel Canal, the busiest man-made waterway in the world.

The main campus of the university is located on the west shore, south of the Kiel Canal, in the district of Ravensberg.

Except for the Department of Computer Science the Faculty of Engineering is located on the east shore in the district of Gaarden.

You can find basic information about the city of Kiel on the pages “Portrait of Kiel.”

The brochure  “Meine neue Stadt – Clever mobil in Kiel” (in German only) contains many useful information about public transport and biking in Kiel.

You can find information about biking tours for new inhabitants of Kiel here.